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You probably can't delete all stress from your life. But you can get better at managing your stress. Having a massage bodywork is one of the effective ways to escape from daily stress.
We offer caring, relaxing, and attentive massage for all clients, tailored to each individual's life, work, health and hobbies.
Services including Full body Acupressure Massage,
Neck & Back specialized massage, Foot & Hands Relexology
to help you escape from daily stress and anxiety.
A blend of Eastern and Western styles are used to stimulate & strengthen your body and its energy pathways, blood, lymph, and organs. Sessions include many pressure points
and an adaptation of Tuina that has found particularly effective for our clients.
We are local massage bussiness which here to help you escape from stress and pain. Please feel free to visit us whenever you need a relaxation!
about us :
If you're looking for ultimate relaxation and a healthier you - you've come to the right place. The specialized massage treatments at first relax express that provided by professional practitioners are committed to your comfort and satisfaction. The different forms of Hands-on-Body therapy in first relax express  is integral to the maintenance of your health and beauty.
The history of the healing power of massage go back three thousands years to China. Our Hand-on-Body treatments are provided by professional therapists who are masters of both Eastern and Western styles of massage modalities. Our work stimulates the body's natural healing power to reach and maintain its optimal stage which balance the internal life force of human body; therefore enhance health and prevent illness.
Various types of hands-on-Bodywork have been found to improve circulation, joint range-of-motion and flexibility. It can reduce many common ailments such as stress, muscle tightness, aches and pains - even anxiety and depression.
Our service draw on many methods of Hands-on-Bodywork: Transitional Therapeutic Chinese Acupressure, Foot Reflexology, Swedish, Deep Tissue, Deep Tissue + Acupressure (Unique), Sports Massage, and Hot Stone Massage.
This is your time to relax and escape.
Market Square & Kantlands Downtown
(behind the star diner)
253 Market Street West # 100
Gaithersburg MD 20878
Mon -- Sun : 10AM --10PM